Downtown Traffic Study Final Report


The recently completed transportation study provides a conceptual blueprint for how improvements to traffic circulation and parking could be made to support our broader goals for Waterville’s downtown revitalization. The study identifies the physical changes required to accommodate two-way traffic on Main Street and Front Street and suggests a number of related improvements that will help to make downtown a pedestrian-friendly environment with shops, restaurants, cultural attractions, residences, and businesses. The study also identified the projected costs associated with making these improvements. With the support demonstrated for these changes through several public meetings, City Council will be asked to review and provide their endorsement for the outcomes of this study. Should the Council provide its support, the task will then be to identify potential sources of funding, including state, federal, and philanthropic opportunities, allowing the City to assess how and when changes could be made. As funding is identified, further design and engineering will be needed to take this from concept to reality, with ongoing opportunities for public engagement. It is a unique opportunity that we have to address the traffic and parking needs of the downtown alongside the many investments already underway on Main Street to ensure we have a cohesive and vibrant downtown for the future. 

The final version of the Downtown Traffic Study is now available. Click on the links below to view/print the study.

Please note: Due to the large size of the Study, its appendices are broken out separately. The files also may take additional time to load, due to their size.