The Kennebec Water District has provided the City of Waterville with printable maps showing where fire hydrants are located in the City. Due to the fact that they are extracted from a large GIS system, 25 maps were necessary to show all areas of the City. If you cannot locate a hydrant, please contact the Kennebec Water District for assistance.

The City of Waterville, Waterville Fire – Rescue and the Kennebec Water District truly appreciate anyone willing to take the time to shovel hydrants during the winter time. In an emergency where every second counts, immediate access to these water sources is extremely important.

Hydrant Maps (printable):

Hydrants are indicated on each map with this yellow symbol:Regular Hydrant Icon Small
Private hydrants are indicated with this red symbol:Private Hydrant Icon Small

  1. Armory Road to the Kennebec Area Hydrant Map
  2. Burleigh Street down to Reddington Street Area Hydrant Map
  3. Cool Street to Mt Merici Ave Area Hydrant Map
  4. Crestwood Apartments and Thomas College Areas Hydrant Map
  5. Crestwood Apartments and Thomas College Areas 2 Hydrant Map
  6. Drummond Ave Area Hydrant Map
  7. Edwards and Pleasant Streets Highland Ave Areas Hydrant Map
  8. First Rangeway Area Hydrant Map
  9. Front North and Hillside Ave Areas Hydrant Map
  10. Grove Water Gold and Silvermount Streets Area Hydrant Map
  11. Hazelwood Ave to Reservoir Street Area Hydrant Map
  12. JFK Plaza Area Hydrant Map
  13. JFK Plaza Area 2 Hydrant Map
  14. Main High and North Street Areas Hydrant Map
  15. Main Street Area Colby Street to Eustis Pkwy Area Hydrant Map
  16. Mathews Ave to Mayflower Hill Area Hydrant Map
  17. Morrill Ave College Ave down to Silver Street Area Hydrant Map
  18. Portion of Main Street to Horizon Drive Area Hydrant Map
  19. Ridgewood Condominiums Area Hydrant Map
  20. Seton Village Area Hydrant Map
  21. Silver St Sherwin St and King Crt Areas Hydrant Map
  22. Thomas Drive and Punky Lane Areas Hydrant Map
  23. Trafton Road Area Hydrants Map
  24. West River Road Area 1 Hydrant Map
  25. West River Road Area 2 Hydrant Map