Aging Well in Waterville Survey

Aging Well in Waterville is a group of citizens working to ensure that Waterville will be an aging friendly community. Waterville is one of 38 (as of 7-10-17) Maine communities registered with AARP working to make the community responsive to aging. Newly released census figures show Maine as having the highest median ages in the country. In over one-third (1/3) of Waterville homes lives someone aged 50 years or older.
One of the initiatives recently started is an online survey. From the survey, Aging Well in Waterville will analyze and share the data with decision makers in the City and work with other partners to address areas brought forth.

If you are a Waterville resident age 50 or over, please click here to complete the survey.

Aging Well In Waterville has been meeting for over a year and welcomes interested newcomers.  They meet the first Tuesday of the month (no meeting in August) at 11 am at the REM building on Temple Street.
To learn more about the Aging Well in Waterville citizen’s initiative, visit their Facebook page.