Citizen Board Openings

Attention Waterville Citizens

Applicants are Needed to Fill Positions on Citizen Boards, Commissions and Advisory Committees


The Mayor Seeks Applicants to Fill the Following Positions:


  •                                    AIRPORT ADVISORY COMMITTEE                                        (2)
  •                                    BOARD OF ASSESSMENT REVIEW                                       (1)
  •                                    BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS                                             (3)
  •                                    KENNEBEC REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY                (2)
  •                                    KENNEBEC SANITARY TREATMENT DISTRICT TRUSTEES        (1)
  •                                    PLANNING BOARD                                                           (1)
  •                                    PUBLIC LIBRARY TRUSTEES                                              (2)
  •                                    TIF ADVISORY COMMITTEE                                                (3)
  •                                    VOTER REGISTRATION APPEALS BOARD                             (2)
  •                                    WATERVILLE HOUSING AUTHORITY COMMISSIONERS             (1)
  •                                    WATERVILLE SEWERAGE DISTRICT COMMISSIONERS             (1)

If interested in any of these positions, please call the City Clerk’s Office to request an application, or visit our website at

Applications should be submitted As Soon As Possible to:

City Clerk, 1 Common Street, Waterville, ME  04901