To follow are The most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about things to do in the City of Waterville.

  • Is there a listing of arts and entertainment happenings going on in Waterville? Yes, Waterville Creates has a great list of arts and entertainment events happening in the city. Our web site also maintains a more general calendar of events.
  • What types of outdoor recreation and activities does Waterville offer? The City offers a lot of recreational trails, playgrounds, boat landings, fields, etc. The Quarry Road Recreation Area is a 4-season recreation facility for walking, climbing, canoeing, biking, snowshoeing, skiing, snow tubing, etc. We also have downtown walking trails and historic (self-guided) walking tours. In addition, there are seasonal festivals and events as well as an ice skating rink at the Alfond Youth Center and Boys and Girls Club.
  • Does Waterville have an annual fair with carnival rides? While the carnival had not been in Waterville in some years, it made a comeback in 2015. We expect that to continue. We also have art fairs, the Maine International Film Festival, The Taste of Waterville, a family Harvest Festival, a Winter Carnival, etc.
  • Does Waterville have a public pool? Yes, the Alfond Municipal Pool is an extremely popular outdoor water park located on North Street in Waterville. The pool complex features a 6-lane, 25 meter pool; family swim area; zero-entry area with “Raindrop”; 18″ deep kiddie pool with frog slide; 12″ deep kiddie pool with “Little Squirts”; spray pool with 16 water jets; slide pool featuring Twister and Tube Slide (Users must be 48″ or taller and be able to swim to use slides); and a Snack Bar.


  • Where is the nearest skateboard park? Waterville has its own skateboard park right here in Waterville’s South End on Green Street.
  • Does Waterville have a local car show? Yes, there are usually a few car shows in Waterville annually. These are typically coordinated by non-profit groups as fundraisers. The ones we are made aware of, we include in the event calendar on our web site.
  • Does Waterville have car or motorcycle racing and, if not, where would the nearest track be? No. The nearest track is the Unity Raceway about 25-30 minutes away.
  • Does Waterville have horse races? No. However, off track betting on thoroughbred and harness racing is available at Favorites OTB located at T&B’s Outback Tavern and Celebration Center at 6 Jefferson Street.
  • Does Waterville have a drive-in theatre and if not where would the nearest one be? No. The nearest is the Skowhegan Drive-in, located about 35-40 minutes north.


  • Does Waterville have a bowling alley? No. There is a bowling alley about 20-25 minutes away in Augusta and also one in Skowhegan, about 35-40 minutes away.

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