Own a Piece of History!

Historic Poster Reprints:

Twelve (12) historic posters were discovered in the Maine Room of the Waterville Public Library in the fall of 2013. Our research indicates that these posters are from about 1924 to 1926. Although the originals are brittle and worn, they are now protected in Mylar sleeves to prevent further deterioration and are being stored in the City Clerk’s vault. Digitally enhanced images were made of each poster so that reprints could be made. These reprints* are available for purchase for anyone who would like to own a piece of history themselves. To learn more about each poster, or to order your own print, please use the following link:


Stunning, high-quality, full color originals can be viewed in the elevator lobby/entrance on the west side of City Hall (behind the Opera House ticket booth).

NOTE: All pictures shown online have been intentionally produced in low quality and watermarked to prevent unauthorized reproduction. All reprint orders will be made in high quaility format from the digitally enhanced electronic picture files.


Historic Waterville Book:

“Waterville — Postcard History Series” by Earle G. Shettleworth!  Now available for purchase at Waterville City Hall!


About the Book: The Postcard History series chronicles the history of small towns and downtowns across the country. Each book preserves the past through vintage postcard images and intimate messages and serve as nostalgic treats for both postcard hobbyists and experienced deltiologists alike.

Serving as a primary method of communication in the early 1900’s, postcards captured moments in time and, many years later, have often been found to be the only images of buildings, monuments, and places left in existence. Revealing the way of life of the average American, vintage postcards reveal authentic views of the time and place in which they were produced, and expose important insight into the society, cultural attitudes, and traditions of the past.

About the Author: Earle G. Shettleworth Jr. has served as the director of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission since 1976. In 2004, Gov. John Baldacci appointed Shettleworth as Maine state historian & reappointed him in 2008. The postcards used in this book are from the collections of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, the Penobscot Marine Museum, and the Waterville Historical Society.

To purchase your copy: Visit the Finance, Assessing or Administration offices at City Hall, or email: info@waterville-me.gov.

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