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Mayor Nick Isgro

Waterville has a Council-Manager form of government.In accordance with the City Charter, concerns or complaints regarding City personnel and/or departments should to be directed to the City Manager, not the Mayor.

Nick Isgro is the City of Waterville's Mayor. Nick was elected in November 2014 for a 3-year term. Mayor Isgro was inducted into office during a traditional inaugural ceremony on January 6, 2015.

The Mayor's position is part-time and he does not keep regular office hours. To schedule a meeting with the Mayor regarding City business, please contact his assistant using the information provided on the contacts page.

Please note: While every effort is made to attend and/or speak at scheduled functions, extenuating circumstances relevant to the City of Waterville must take precedence. There may be occasions when the Mayor needs to cancel and/or postpone meetings or events in order to attend to City matters. Please keep this in mind when planning for events.

MAYOR'S HISTORY: The Mayor's position has had a long and proud history within Waterville City government. The position was first created in 1888 with the election of Reuben Foster as Waterville's first Mayor. That was the same year that Waterville became incorporated as a City. For many years, the Mayor served as the chief executive officer of the City. That changed significantly in 2005 when voters approved a new Charter which changed Waterville's government from a "strong Mayor" to a "Council-Manager" form of government. For a more complete explanation of the powers and duties of the Mayor, please see Article II of the City Charter..