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Sustain Mid Maine Residential Energy Project is a joint project of the City of Waterville, Town of Winslow and the Energy Committee of Sustain Mid Maine. It is funded by an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant from the US Department of Energy and Efficiency Maine Trust. It is administered by the Kennebec Valley Community Action Program. Its purpose is to provide technical consultation for energy savings for Waterville and Winslow homeowners, facilitate residential energy audits and energy efficiency programs for multi-family dwellings up to 4 units.

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These pictures were taken with a Thermal Imaging Camera. The darker colors show the cooler temperatures and the warmer colors show the heatloss.

Crown Molding Studs 

 Crown Molding

 Studs from Outside View

 Attic Hatch Crawl Space

 Attic Hatch

 Crawl Space