City Project | 5-Way Intersection Update

July 2015:

Further study of the intersection connecting Spring, Front, Main and Water Street was initiated and a Final Report completed. Colby College has provided some funding for the project. The results: 3 potential options to improve pedestrian crossing of the intersection were refined to the point that the Maine DOT agreed that each will provide safer crossings for pedestrians. A fourth option was also included in the study, but, has not yet received MaineDOT approval, and needs refinement to be advanced as a viable option. While this project was underway, Colby announced that other Downtown improvements are on the horizon. It is prudent to understand all of the proposed Downtown initiatives prior to moving forward with any plan for funding construction of a modified Spring/ Main intersection.


Existing Conceptual Layout | June 12, 2015

Conceptual Plan | Option 1Plan Option 1

Conceptual Plan | Option 2

Plan Option 2

Conceptual Plan | Option 3

Plan Option 3

Conceptual Plan | Option 4

Plan Option 4