In 2013/14 the cleanup of the Wyandotte wastewater lagoons began. This was a major project. The Department of Environmental Protection notified the City that funding was available to cap and close the ponds. An agreement between the City and State outlined City contributions to the cleanup process. A first step required draining off the clean water in the ponds to allow a definitive investigation of the bottom of the lagoons. By late fall 2013, the ponds were dewatered to the point that a realistic budget could be established based on accurate measurements of sludge thickness and sludge characteristics. In the spring of 2014, a final dewatering process was completed and the DEP prepared and bid the project. The project was scheduled to be completed before fall 2014. Upon completion, the 5 acre lagoon site would be reclaimed and an agreement to indemnify the City from any further contamination concerns will be in effect.

The cleanup of the Wyandotte Lagoons was finally completed in the Spring of 2015. A small portion of the property now contains all of the contaminated material and is capped. The remaining property meets DEP standards suited for residential use, the DEP’s highest cleanup standard.