If you have a new vehicle to register, or have any other changes to your registration, such as a change of address or name, you must come into the Finance Office to make these changes. They cannont be done online at this time.

The Finance Office does not send out registration reminder cards due to increasing postage costs and other related expenses. The cards are not necessary to register a motor vehicle.

What is Needed to Register a Motor Vehicle:


  • Proof of insurance for the vehicle you are registering. At the time of registration, proof of insurance must be shown as required by state law. If you do not have a current insurance card, you may contact your insurance company and they can fax an insurance card to the Finance Department at 207-680-4249.
  • The current mileage of the vehicle to be registered.
  • For a new vehicle, the window sticker must be shown to determine the suggested retail price for excise tax purposes (see Motor Vehicle Excise Tax.) If the window sticker is not on the vehicle or included with the paperwork given to you by the salesperson, please check the glove compartment or under the front seat. The dealership will place the sticker in either place, as they know it is required for the first registration. After registering your vehicle, please keep the window sticker as it must remain with the vehicle.
  • For vehicles purchased from a dealership, the salesperson will provide a blue title application and a bill of sale. The registration agent will need information from the title application in order to process your registration. The bill of sales shows that sales tax has been paid.
  • For vehicles purchased from a private person, a title is required for vehicles 1995 and newer. The seller should sign the back of the title in the appropriate place. Please do not cross out, white out, or erase any mistakes on the title. Doing so will void the title. If mistakes are made, come to the Finance Department and ask for a Transfer of Ownership (MVT-16) form. Also, a Release of Lien form may be required. The title form has an area on the front showing if a lien was on the vehicle. The lien may have to be released on a separate form, and if so, that form must also accompany the title for registration. Titles are $33.00 each and the fees will be collected at the time of registration.
  • A bill of sale is also required for a vehicle purchased from a private person. The bill of sale should include the sale price, make, model, mileage, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for the vehicle being sold as well as the name and address of the seller. The bill of sale is required so that state sales tax (5.5% of the purchase price) can be collected at the time of the registration.