Fire Chief: David LaFountain

The Waterville Fire Department originated in central Maine in 1809 with the election of fire wardens. It was then that they purchased the first municipal fire engine. It consisted of a central tub into which water was poured from pails to be pumped out by an ordinary pump through a short and leaky hose. Someone wrote the name “Bloomer” on it and the Bloomer it became, through the many years of its somewhat questionable service.

By the year 1880, the department consisted of three engine companies and one hook and ladder company. There were over 175 members. The department soon progressed to three sub-stations and one central fire station.

They were the forerunners of today’s Waterville Fire Department which operates out of a Central Fire Station. The department operates four engines, one rescue, one brush unit, one support unit, one cascade air unit, one pick-up and one rescue boat.