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The City of Kotlas, Russia, Sister City to Waterville, celebrated the 100th anniversary of their founding June 10-12, 2017. A delegation from Waterville’s Kotlas Connection group travelled to Russia for the celebration and presented congratulatory letters, Mayoral Proclamations, and gifts to Mayor Andrei Bralnin and the citizens of Kotlas. The group also began their trip with sightseeing in St. Petersburg and concluded their visit in Moscow.

For over 25 years, Waterville has annually welcomed visitors from Kotlas, Russia, as part of our Kotlas – Waterville Sister City Connection. During their stay, the visitors receive tours of the area, stop at City Hall and participate in a variety of cultural events and activities in the area.

The Connection strives to develop friendship and understanding between the people of Waterville and of Kotlas, a city of 82,000 people in northwestern Russia. The first meeting between Watervillians and Kotlassians occurred in April 1989, when three Waterville area residents journeyed to Kotlas. This meeting was the culmination of 5½ years of trying to establish a sister city relationship with Kotlas. In June of 1990, the mayor of Kotlas led a four-person delegation to Waterville. During that visit, he signed a proclamation with Waterville’s mayor declaring Kotlas and Waterville sister cities. The two mayors also planted a cluster of birch trees, common in both Maine and Northern Russia, by the Waterville end of the Two Cent Bridge, commemorating the new sister city partnership.

FMI about the Kotlas Connection, visit: www.kotlas.org

FMI about the Kotlas Connection, visit: www.kotlas.org