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March 1, 2016: Recognition of Det. Sgt. William Bonney, WPD

On January 23, 2016, Detective Sergeant Bill Bonney received the Officer of the Year Award during the 17th Annual Maine Association of Police (MAP) Banquet. At the March 1st City Council Meeting, Detective Sgt. Bonney also received recognition from the Mayor and City Council for receiving the Officer of the Year Award. State Representatives Tom Longstaff and Henry Beck with Senator Scott Cyrway presented him with a Legislative Sentiment. Click on the hyperlink above to view the certificate.

December 20, 2015: Recognition of 100th Birthday – William Peter Brown. Click on the hyperlink to view the certificate.

September 1, 2015: Recognition of Waterville Police Officers
As the result of a month long investigation, concluding in the successful arrest of a significant drug dealer and seizure of over $44,000 worth of drugs, Mayor Nick Isgro and the City Council recognized and commended six Waterville police officers (Detective Sergeant William Bonney, Detective David Caron, Detective Duane Cloutier, Sergeant Daniel Goss, Officer Scott Dumas and Officer Codey Fabian) at the September 1, 2015, City Council meeting. Click on the hyperlink above to view the certificate.


 July 21, 2015: Mayoral Recognition of Firefighters Bordas and CoteFF 2015

On June 24, 2015, Waterville Rescue was dispatched to Jokas Discount Beverages on Front Street for a report of a man down. While en route, they were notified that CPR was in progress. Upon arrival, they found the patient unresponsive, with no pulse, and not breathing. WFD Rescue Tech Ryan Cote and Utility Man Glendon Bordas took over life saving measures and, after delivering one shock with an AED, effectively brought the man back to life.

Just three (3) days later, that man, Sean Gillis, walked into the Waterville Fire Department to thank those two firefighters for their lifesaving   actions. Mr. Gillis’ quick recovery is amazing, as is the true appreciation he showed to both firefighters. The trio is shown in the photo below, during the surprise visit by Mr. Gillis at the Waterville Fire Department on June 27th. Click on the hyperlink above to view the certificate.

 March 3, 2015: Recognition of Firefighter Allen Nygren635610474133142608-Staff-photo-by-Amy-Calder

On the morning of Wednesday, February 25, 2015, while travelling home from his shift at Waterville Fire Department, Firefighter Allen Nygren approached what appeared to be an accident on Interstate 95. Visibility was limited due to heavy snow fall but, as he neared the scene, he recognized the accident was a massive chain-reaction crash, ultimately involving 75 vehicles. The accident was later noted as the largest such collision in Maine’s history. Firefighter Nygren, an experienced firefighter and emergency medical technician, safely parked his vehicle and went to work assisting the motorists involved in the collision. He used his training to determine those in imminent peril, climbing over vehicles and even walking from hood to hood. Nygren called 9-1-1 to request ambulances, directing them to those in need of immediate assistance first. Over the course of the morning, he called for seven ambulances while continuing with triage and providing aid those injured. At the March 3, 2015, City Council Meeting, Firefighter Nygren was recognized by the Mayor and City Council for his heroic actions in rendering aid to others in the midst of such a large-scale crisis. He received a standing ovation by those in attendance. Click on the hyperlink above to view the certificate.