Motor Vehicle Accidents 2017 – Statistics From Maine Bureau of Highway Safety and Waterville Police Department

Good morning Waterville,

Just letting our citizens know that the Waterville Police Department will be working numerous details in the City in an attempt to reduce motor vehicle accidents on our streets.
These details are a result of grants received from the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety. The areas of concern are speeding, distracted driving (texting), seatbelts and operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Here are a few factoids for you.

1. Did you know that the minimum fine amount for a first offense texting while driving ticket is $310.00. A second offense, within 3 years, is a mandatory 30 day license suspension and a $610.00 fine.

2. Moms and Dads, your intermediate driver cannot operate a vehicle while talking on the phone or using a handhled electronic device. A first offense is a $370.00 fine and a loss of license for 60 days.

3. The minimum fine for a speeding offense is $119.00 and goes up incrementally the faster your speed is, ending in a criminal charge if your 30+ over the posted speed limit.

4. This one is not new. Everyone must wear a seatbelt or be in a federally approved child restraint. The law does not apply to a person if a medical reason for not wearing a seatbelt exists. In that case the operator or passenger must have a certificate from a physician, stating that. The certificates are only good for up to a year, so be aware. With that certificate the holder can apply for a window placard from the Secretary of State designating that there is a person with a certificate driving or in the vehicle.

5. In 2017 the Waterville Police arrested 153 people for operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

6. In 2017 The Waterville Regional Communications Center took approximately 900 calls from the general public regarding speeding in the City of Waterville.

7. In 2017 Waterville Officers responded to 829 motor vehicle accidents.

Thank you and drive safe!