Members of the WPD operate out of a brand new police station, constructed in 2013. The Police Department houses the following Divisions:

  • Administration Division – Staffed by the Police Chief, Deputy Chief and an Administrative Assistant, the Administration Division is responsible for budget management, program management, policy development and resource procurement for the entire department.
  • Waterville Regional Communication Center – Staffed by 8 full-time Public Safety Telecommunicators and one Supervisor, the WRCC provides police, fire and EMS dispatching for Waterville, Winslow, Oakland and numerous other area towns.
  • Records Division – Our records clerk manages the hundreds of thousands of incident reports, arrest reports and accident reports which are generated by our personnel.
  • Detective Division – Staffed by a Detective Sergeant and four Detectives (plus one officer permanently assigned to the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency), the Detective Division is responsible for major criminal investigations including robbery, burglary, aggravated assault and drug trafficking.
  • Patrol Division – Staffed by four Sergeants and seventeen Patrol Officers, the Patrol Division is responsible for our immediate response to every conceivable emergency that residents or visitors to our city may experience.

Because Waterville is a small service center city which provides retail, banking, education and recreation opportunities to residents of many surrounding towns, our department is extremely busy and answers a call volume that meets or exceeds that of any in the state. Our officers make a high volume of arrests, investigate about 1,000 traffic crashes per year, and have countless opportunities to have a positive impact on the community we care so deeply about. We hope you like writing! Every official action we take must be documented for future reference.

In addition to our state-of-the art facility, we have a fleet of 13 police vehicles which are outfitted with the standard equipment you would expect to find in any professional police agency, to include fully operational Mobile Data Terminals.

Members of our Patrol Division work 24/7/365 in all weather and in working conditions that can range from extremely adverse to simply amazing. The Patrol Division is split into 3 different 12-hour shifts:

  • A Shift (6 officers) works from 0600-1800
  • B Shift (6 officers) works from 1500-0300
  • C Shift (4 officers) works from 1800-0600

We provide our Patrol Officers with full-time supervision – a Patrol Sergeant is always on duty to manage resources, assist with major crime scene management and to provide the training and mentoring which is vital to developing and maintaining a professional workforce that is respected throughout the great State of Maine.