The MIDNIGHT TEAM is a collaborative program between the Waterville Police Department and the Crisis & Counseling Centers.

The Midnight Team began in 1996 after a tragic incident in Waterville served as the catalyst to bring together law enforcement and mental health workers to address the very real challenges of reaching and assisting individuals in mental health crisis on the streets and in their homes.

For years, police and crisis workers strove within their own silos to help folks in need, only communicating when absolutely necessary and rarely collaborating in any meaningful way. The Midnight Team served to help professionals in each career field develop an understanding for the others skills and strengths, as well as their challenges and limitations.

Putting a crisis worker into a police cruiser allows workers to arrive on scene and interact with those in mental health crisis in real time, with little or no time delay. Police officers benefit from observing how crisis workers communicate with individuals in crisis, and their abilities to deliver services are greatly enhanced.

The Midnight Team is a program which is vitally important to the City of Waterville, its Police Department, and Crisis and Counseling.