The City of Waterville currently has a winter parking ban which runs from December 1st through April 30th. Vehicles may not be parked on any public way from midnight to 6:00 AM. Parking is now permitted overnight in the Concourse year-round where designated except when it is actively snowing or prohibited by signs indicating snow removal. Other prohibited parking locations include sidewalks, in front of driveways, in front of fire hydrants and other locations restricted by signs and/or a yellow curb.

To pay a parking ticket received in the City of Waterville
Make the check or money order payable to the City of Waterville. You may either pay the ticket in person at City Hall’s Finance Department or mail the payment to City Hall Attn: Finance Department 1 Common Street Waterville, ME 04901

To request to rescind a parking ticket received in the City of Waterville
If you received a parking ticket in the City of Waterville and have questions about it or wish to contest the parking ticket, you may request a form to rescind the ticket, which may be obtained at the Police Department or download the request form here: request to rescind parking ticket.