Reporting a Crime in Waterville

To report a crime in Waterville, contact the Police Department at (207) 680-4700. This is the method commonly used for most (non-emergency) calls requiring an officer to respond. These types of calls include criminal mischief (vandalism), harassment, loud music, traffic complaints, or any type of incident not currently in progress. You may also report incidents at the Police Department’s Communications Center, which is located at 10 Colby St.

Keep in mind that the Waterville Police Department only has jurisdiction in the City of Waterville and can only handle incidents ocurring within city limits. For incidents ocurring, occurred outside of the City of Waterville, you need to speak with the agency having Jurisdiction in that area. If you’re not sure who the appropriate agency is, the Communications Center can guide you to the correct agency.

For emergency calls, you dial 9-1-1 from your telephone. Emergency calls include any type of crime where life or property is in danger. These include, but are not limited to fires and/or smoke in a building, calls for emergency medical services (EMS), fights in progress, and car accidents.

*Note that if you dial 9-1-1 from a cellular telephone, your call will be answered my Maine State Police headquarters in Augusta. You will then be transferred to the Waterville Police Department’s Communications Center.