Municipal Parks: NEW Carry In, Carry Out Policy




Why Carry In, Carry Out

Thank you for being a steward of your City of Waterville Parks by taking an active role in keeping them clean and green. There are many ways that our Carry-in/Carry-out policy helps to improve your parks.


    • Taking responsibility for our waste encourages awareness of our impact on natural resources, and can prompt environmentally-friendly behaviors such as recycling, and use of recycled or biodegradable products.
    • It fosters a partnership between visitors and the parks by encouraging all visitors to help maintain clean parks.
    • Saves money used to pay for garbage disposal, which can then be spent to improve your parks in other ways.
    • Increases the safety of your visit by reducing the number of bees, wasps and other pests (such as skunks and rats) in/around picnic areas, playgrounds, ballfields and trails.
    • Redirects staff resources to other necessary park improvement projects.
    • Avoids the unpleasant smells and messes associated with dumpsters and trash cans.
    •  It eliminates unsightly trash and receptacles in the park that can detract from the beauty of the natural environment.
    • Improves health of wildlife by reducing their dependency on trash as a food source.
    • The parks belong to all of us…so just like our own homes…it is our responsibility to care for them and protect them for generations to come.