Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Questions

What is Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT)?

How does PAYT Work?

Do apartments and multi-family dwellings participate in PAYT?

Do residents have to participate in PAYT?

What size do the PAYT bags come in and how much do PAYT bags cost?

Where can I purchase PAYT bags?

What types of materials can I place in the PAYT bags?

What if I cannot afford to purchase the PAYT bags?

Should leaves be placed in the PAYT bags for curbside leaf collection?

Are we able to purchase individual bags rather than the rolls?

I live in a buliding with five or more untis that does not receive the City’s refuse collection service, why did I receive the PAYT mailing?

Recycling Questions

When does curbside recycling take place?

Who will pick up the recycling?

What type of container can I use for recycling?

Do I have to sort my recycling into separate containers?

Is there a limit on the amount of recyclables I can place curbside?

What types of materials can I recycle?

What types of materials cannot be recycled?

Traffic Light Questions

How do the traffic cameras at intersections detect vehicles?

Why do the traffic lights for Western Avenue at the intersection of Elm Street and Western Avenue take so long to turn green even when no cars are present on Elm Street?

Snow Related Questions

When can I expect snow to be removed from the sidewalk?

During a snow event, why are some of the lights on KMD flashing?

When will my street be plowed during a snow event?

General Questions

What is the phone number for the recycling center, where is it located and when is it open?

What is the name and phone number for the transfer station on the Airport Road?

Who do I contact concerning water and sewerage service and/or problems with my service?

What is the winter parking ban and when does it start?

When does Public Works pick up leaves curbside?

Should I leave my portable basketball hoop roadside?

Refuse Related Questions

How do I dispose of an old television set?

How do I dispose of an old computer?

How do I dispose of paint?

How do I dispose of aerosol cans?

What do I do with alkaline batteries?

What are rechargeable batteries and how do I dispose of them?

When is the next spring clean up scheduled?

How do I dispose of hazardous materials I have around my home?

I have Household Hazardous Waste that I need to dispose of and cannot wait unit the next collection event.  Are there alternative disposal options?