1. The decision to travel in winter storms (snow and/or icy conditions) is yours and yours alone, so please do not drive unless it is absolutely necessary. And, please pay attention to all snow and travel advisories.

2. Operators of plow vehicles need your help as much as you need theirs. They must devote their full attention to operating the plow equipment in addition to driving the vehicle. PLEASE – Be patient and do not follow snow removal equipment too closely. Allow plenty of room for them to operate and do their jobs.

3. Slow down! You may want and expect to be able to drive the speed limit but will you be able to stop safely and keep your vehicle under control in unexpected situations?

4. If you MUST pass, pick a good place to do so. Plow trucks have a wing on the passenger side of the truck and straight sections of road that have guardrails or a bridge give the driver no place to go. Some areas like these are so narrow that with the wing down there is not enough room for the truck and a car. With several storms, already narrow residential streets can become even narrower. Again, please be patient. Snow removal personnel are trying to get the job done as quickly and as safely as possible.

5. Do not park in the street, on shoulders or on sidewalks during storms or during snow removal operations. An overnight parking ban in the City of Waterville is effective from December 1st until April 30th each year.

6. Do not shovel, plow or blow snow onto roadways or sidewalks. This is prohibited by law and can cause a traffic hazard. It is best to place snow on the side of your driveway opposite the direction the plow approaches. This will allow the plow to carry snow away from your driveway instead of filling your driveway back in.

7. If possible, wait until roads have been plowed and pushed back before clearing your driveway. There is no practical way to clear streets without depositing snow in driveways. Snow banks must be pushed back to provide drainage and room for the next storm. Please understand that the City cannot return and clear private driveways.

8. One real important issue we wish to remind parents about is the danger of children sliding into the roadway or building tunnels in the snow banks. This could turn into a very serious situation that everyone would certainly like to avoid, if at all possible. When our drivers are plowing or pushing snow banks back, they often do not know if there may be a child there. Please let your children know of the potential dangers during the storm and clean up period. You should monitor the outdoor activities of your children and your pets at all times.

9. Help reduce the possibility of a broken mailbox post. All plow drivers are instructed to avoid mailboxes when possible. Experience tells us that in reduced visibility this is not always possible. Often mailboxes are damaged by the weight of the snow coming off from the plow and not the plow itself. State law provides that any installation within the highway right-of-way, including mailboxes, is placed at the owner's risk. Mailboxes should be placed at the maximum usable distance back from the pavement with a 42" mounting height. Rotted wooden posts and cross arms, if so equipped, should be replaced prior to the winter season.

10. Finally, please be patient. Plowing, sanding, and snow removal takes time. During storms of long duration, crews work around the clock until everything is done. Our primary mission is to make roadways safe for the traveling public at a reasonable cost to our taxpayers.