When a snow storm hits, the Public Works crew gets busy! The first task is to apply a sand/salt mixture to the roads for traction control. This mixture also helps to create a brine (slush) under the snow, which makes snow removal easier and helps reduce damage to the equipment. By following 11 plow routes, we begin the task of plowing 250 lane miles in the City of Waterville. Main arteries, which are the most heavily traveled streets in the City, are plowed first. Secondary streets are plowed next. Keep in mind that each plow route takes approximately 3 hours to 4 hours to complete. Once the streets are cleared, the crews then move on to clearing parking lots in the Concourse, schools, and municipal lots.

Please remember, in a snow storm, all available Public Works’ crews are busy clearing the streets for your safety. They are working as quickly and safely as possible.