Once the streets and parking lots are cleared after a snow event, two sidewalk tractors are responsible for three routes covering approximately 20 miles of sidewalks. These tractors move at approximately 2-3 miles per hour. The amount of time it takes to clear the sidewalks depends heavily on the amount of snow and the frequency of equipment breakdowns. Priority is given to downtown areas and school zones. All other sidewalks will follow.

Please see below for specific information contained in the City Ordinances:

City of Waterville Ordinance Governing Streets & Sidewalks Sec. 3-4. Removal of Sidewalk Snow. The tenant or occupant of any store, shop, dwelling house, factory, hotel or other building, or any vacant lot or land, bordering upon any sidewalk on the business parts of Main, Elm, Water, Silver, Common, and Temple Streets, College Avenue, The Concourse, and Kennedy Memorial Drive, and in case there shall be no tenant, the owner or any person having the care or control of any building or lot or land bordering upon the aforenamed streets, shall cause snow to be removed from such sidewalk within the following times:

(1) Within four (4) hours of the ceasing of snowfall, if in the daytime.

(2) Before 10:00 a.m. of the day following said snowfall if in the nighttime; provided that if the following day is Sunday, before 10:00 a.m. of the following Monday.

This provision shall be construed to extend to the removing of snow falling from any roof upon such sidewalk; but no person shall be required to remove any snow as aforesaid on Sunday. Such tenant or occupant, owner or agent, whenever ice shall have formed upon any sidewalk, as aforesaid, shall cause the same to be removed or to be properly covered or strewed with sand, ashes, or other suitable substance, in such a manner as to render said sidewalk safe and convenient for travelers on foot.