During some big storms, Public Works crews are on the job around the clock plowing and sanding. When the weather has cleared and the crews have had at least twenty-four hours to rest, snow removal begins. Snow removal consists of hauling snow away to a snow dump from areas such as the Main Street business district and the Concourse, municipal parking lots and busy intersections where snow obstructs the view of traffic. Special “No Parking” restrictions apply in the Concourse for snow removal in that complex and notification signs are posted at each entrance by 10:00 AM on the scheduled removal date. Snow removal priorities are very difficult to set and an effort is made to treat all business owners and citizens fairly. Snow removal in some areas can only be accomplished at night when traffic is light. In many dense traffic areas, this is the case; so many low priority areas such as parking lots, dead ends and secondary streets are cleared during normal working hours and where traffic is not a major factor. Snow removal takes several days to complete and is very expensive to accomplish. For these reasons, patience and understanding helps us realize that snow and cold temperatures are part of living in Maine.