· Batteries, alkaline


·Clothing & Shoes (if in good condition, consider donating)


·Envelopes that are plastic or Tyvek®

· Food (but you can compost it)

·Kitty litter


·Light bulbs:

incandescent (trash) or compact fluorescent light bulbs (return to store)

·Needles & Sharps

·Plastic Wrap or Film (includes plastic shopping bags even if marked with recycling symbol)

·Propane Cylinders

·Styrofoam® or polystyrene foam (even if marked #6)

·Toys/Baby Pools


·Garden Hoses and Rope

·Paper Towels

·Paper Napkins

·Waxed Paper/Box

·Porcelain or Window Glass

·Plastic bags:

shopping bags

bread bags

frozen vegetable


trash bags

potato chip