Quarry Road Trails In the News!

Quarry Road Trails

Quarry Road Trails and the Central Maine Ski Club hosted high school ski racers on Thursday, February 23 and Friday, February 24 for a very successful state championship meet. About 250 skiers from Class C and Class A slogged around the two-lap course – a total of 5 kilometers – going off at 15-second intervals through rolling hills for two kilometers before climbing what the locals call “Hero’s Hill,” and then coming down into the stadium area before taking a second lap. 

The event received great statewide press coverage of both days’ races. The Lewiston Sun Journal, Morning Sentinel and Portland Press Herald all ran stories with numerous photos. To top in off, in the midst of all the race preparation, WCSH-6 showed up to do a live remote broadcast of their weatherman learning how to ski!

Mt. Blue's Nolan Rogers gets some air coming off a downhill portion of the course early in the Class A boys' race at Quarry Road on Friday.To view the stories, click on the links below:

Lewiston Sun Journal:

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Portland Press Herald:

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Morning Sentinel:72765-20170223-Class-A-C-6-1024x541

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