The City of Waterville is divided into seven wards for municipal representation on the City Council.  The Mayor is elected to represent all wards for a two-year term.  Please click on the maps below for specific ward maps.  If you’re not sure in which ward you live, click on the Ward List by Street Name.


Ward Map

Ward Map 1

Ward Map 2

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Ward Map 7

Municipal Elections

Regular municipal elections are held on the same day as state elections – the first Tuesday, following the first Monday each November.  Every year, certain seats on the City Council and Board of Education are up for election.  Periodically, positions on the Kennebec Water District are also filled by election.

Waterville is one of a handful of municipalities in the State that nominates candidates for municipal office through a caucus system, whereby the local political parties organize and schedule a meeting and select individuals to run for certain vacant seats.  Anyone nominated through a caucus must fortify these nominations with a petition signed by a certain minimum number of voters.

Anyone who is interested in running for local office who is either not affiliated with a political party, or not successfully nominated for office through this process, can submit a minimum number of petition signatures and be a candidate on the ballot. Petitions are generally available in early August.

For more information, contact the City Clerk at (207) 680-4210.

State & Federal Elections

State elections are held on the first Tuesday, following the first Monday, each November and on the second Tuesday in June in even-numbered years for the Primary Election.  Referenda and bond issues are sometimes sent to the voters in June or November.  For information on state elections, visit the Secretary of State’s website.