Code Enforcement Officers: Garth Collins  Daniel Bradstreet

The City of Waterville Code Enforcement Office is responsible for ensuring that all construction undertaken in the City adheres to applicable building codes. The City has adopted standard state and federal codes in order to maintain safe building practices. A City inspection must be completed at certain stages of construction projects.

Please note: The City of Waterville does not get involved in tenant-landlord disputes.  The City also does not have an ordinance or policy in place regarding mold.

The Code Enforcement Office provides for the health, safety and welfare of Waterville residents and to maintain and increase property values by reminding property owners of their responsibility to maintain their property to the minimum standards set by municipal Ordinance. To this end, the Codes office investigates violations and enforces City Ordinances in a fair and equitable manner without prejudice or bias.

The City of Waterville has adopted the following codes:

  • 2009 Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code
  • State of Maine Plumbing Code
  • 2008 National Electrical Code
  • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code – Current Edition Adopted by the State of Maine

Zoning Regulations

It would be impossible to accurately list the various projects and uses that would be allowed in the various zones in the City of Waterville on this page. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals contact the Code Office for more accurate information.