What is Operation HOPE?

Operation HOPE – Heroin Opiate Prevention Effort – is a fundamental operational philosophy focusing on enforcement, education, and treatment.  Treatment is the primary focus of the operation as the Waterville Police Department will attempt to place each individual who presents at the police department asking for help into a residential treatment facility.

Operation HOPE is modeled after the Gloucester, Massachusetts ANGEL program and more locally the Scarborough Police Department Operation HOPE program.  We are partnered with the Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Initiative (PAARI) in order to place folks into one of the 300 PAARI partnered rehabilitation facilities around the country.  Our local partners include KVCAP, our fiscal agent, Discover House of Central Maine, Maine General Medical Center, and Healthy Northern Kennebec.

How does Operation HOPE work?

An individual suffering from substance abuse disorder (opiate addiction) presents at the police department and goes through a basic screening process.  They may turn in drugs and drug paraphernalia at this time without charges.  After screening is complete the individual will be set up with a volunteer Angel to help with the placement process.

What is a Volunteer Angel?

A volunteer angel is a community volunteer who will come to the police department and assist the individual suffering from substance abuse disorder with placement or outside referrals if placement becomes impossible.  The angel will be trained in both the dynamics of substance abuse disorder and the specifics of the Waterville HOPE program.  They will be familiar with our partners and all available options for the individual participant.  The angels will be the backbone of our program helping us help the community.

Volunteer Angel Application

Operation HOPE Angel Application: wpd-opera-hope-vol-angel-appl

Who are our coordinators?

Officer Chase Fabian, Officer Ryan Dinsmore, and Officer Linda Smedberg coordinate the program which is administered by Deputy Chief William Bonney.

Musicians for HOPE

Stay tuned for information and a date for the 3rd annual Musicians for HOPE Concert.

Testimonial of Operation HOPE ANGEL Eleanor Trask 1-14-17


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